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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 4, 2020 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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earnings are solid. all that helps the market. stuart: 49% approval rating for president trump. happening tonight, 8:00 eastern, state of the union, watch it right here on fox business. meanwhile my time is up. neil, sir, it is yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. the democratic party is on a conference call with all the campaigns. we don't know when they would give the results. that is not guaranteed but they're giving the various campaigns an update. we'll get latest on that shortly. markets are moving up past all of this. maybe a lot has to do whatever is going on in the democratic party in the state of iowa. the state of the economy is just fine. president will likely trumpet that in his state of the union address. hillary vaughn in new hampshire. edward lawrence at the white house previewing the president's state of the union. first to hillary.
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reporter: hey, neil. the iowa democratic party any moment now will hold a conference call with candidates to explain the timeline when they can figure out who won iowa but candidates are already on to the second voting state here in new hampshire. joe biden will be here any moment for his first campaign stop in the granite state. mayor pete buttigieg is on his second campaign stop of the day. >> we had a chance to quiet those questions whether we belonged in this effort in the first place. now so much will depend on what the famously independent thinking state of new hampshire decides one week from today. port pot entire state of iowa democrats went to bed without knowing who won the first voting contest but candidates took turns giving their version after victory speech to their supporter anyways without the official results coming in before they left the state. >> when those results are announced i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here. >> you all know what happened
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out there in those precincts. you know we have been punching way beyond our weight. >> we'll walk out of here with our share of delegates. we don't know exactly what it is yet, but we feel good about where we are. reporter: the iowa democratic party delayed results after they noticed inconsistencies within the volting totals. biden campaign says they should get to look at the votes before candidates do. we believe the campaigns deserve full explanations and relevant information regarding the methods, quality control you are employing, and opportunity to respond before any official results are released. joe biden, pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren will all be campaigning hard in the state here throughout the week. we're one week away from the new hampshire primary, neil. you can catch all the primary
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coverage one week from today on fox business, neil. neil: i think i will watch that hillary vaughn. the president's big thing tonight is the booming economy but more importantly the booming economy for blue-collar workers. that is not by accident or circumstance. edward lawrence at the white house with a preview. hey, edward. reporter: neil, yeah, the president will center his speech around the theme of the great american comeback. you will hear five broad points that the president is going to make here. the first talking basically around his favorite topic in the economy. he will talk about the blue-collar boom. in addition to the economy creating 184,000 jobs per month over the last few months, workers wages at lowest end were rising faster than the highest end. the president will talk about support for working families, with families making $5000 more before president trump came to office. the president will mention his steps about lowering the cost of health care as well as his policies putting u.s. on the path to safe and legal immigration system. we're also hear a lot about the
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president talking about about protecting national security from intellectual property protections and trade deals to making sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. now the big question here, is will the president talk about the impeachment in the state of the union address? press secretary stephanie grisham said this morning says she does not belief he will address it. >> people want to hear what the president has done for this country and what he is planning to do for his country. it will be very forward-facing. it will be very optimistic. the president is not focused on impeachment either. he wants to tell the american people what he is going to do going forward for them. reporter: but the only person who knows what he will say is the president himself. senator ted cruz spoke with the president moving forward, putting this in the rear view mirror. it is already behind him, that he doesn't need to talk about it here. a number of special guests showing up at the state of the union address for the white house. one of them, tony rank kins,
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veteran of the afghanistan war. he is in a opportunity zone. he overcame homelessness, drug addiction to succeed. you will see stories like that throughout the speech, neil. neil: coverage of the president's state of the union begins 8:00 p.m. on this fine channel. we'll talk about the markets and futures. only place you can get that. confusion among democrats is fueling a post-iowa bump for stocks and for the president? looking at his highest poll numbers according to gallup. a record high approval rating shepherding the economy. we have chris bedford and lenore hawkins. lenore, the president is going to, we're told, focus on those economic gains. precious little reference to impeachment we're told. that is probably a wise strategy. what do you think? >> i think so. the headline numbers all look pretty good.
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he can keep hounding looking at the stock market. that is one of his favorite metrics to use. what happened last night, you cannot make this up. talk about a softball pitch to the president right before the state of the union but my concern is just how fast the realities of the economy are going to come to fruition because if you look into the details, that last gdp number looked pretty good. 2.1%. that is not great but not terrible. if you look into the details a lot of that gdp growth was actually decline imports and big increase in government spending. if you remove those two things, gdp grew at .2%, not 2.1%. so there are still some causes for concern underneath. but i think he is definitely going to be sticking with the headlines. thanking his lucky stars for what happened last night. neil: you're referring to the iowa mess. chris, does the iowa situation, because the republican caucus got off okay. we should stress obviously it
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was largely the president got 97% of the vote. a record number of votes in that particular contest. he faced two distant challengers but republicans were able to handle it. democrats were not. republicans are seizing on this, we get this and you guys don't. how is this all going to fall out you think? >> i mean republicans and democrats both have a long history of rolling out new application technology on the day of something. republicans had orca. the democrats have this in the iowa caucuses but this is probably good for stocks and business in america simply because it is not good for bernie sanders which will cause a lot of fingerpointing. he was looking like he would run away with this last night. he would do well and take at that to new hampshire with a 10-point lead. every step a socialist who hates the pharmaceutical industry, will attack the private hospital industry, will attack the tech industry, he have step he takes closer to the presidency is something that would speak investors and that would not be good for trump. if people pull back from the
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market that could cause recession right in time of the recession. neil: lenore, i talk to others who say the more you see a bernie sanders emerge, it could have a flip reaction that markets are convinced he can't win in the general election. always risky. that was consensus building around donald trump if he were the republican nominee. so history has a way of humbling so-called experts. but what you do you think of that? let's say we get a delayed, you know, response to iowa but that delay shows bernie sanders had a good night, joe biden did not? it might register too late to have any impact at all, but play that out marketwise. what do you think? >> i'm with chris on this because if you look at the situation with the markets right now the reality is 40% of traded companies have lost money over the past 12 month, 40%. the s&p 500 is in its fourth quarter of declining earnings, yet the stock market keeps going
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up all that means people are willing to pay more and more for less and less. we've seen this happen before. this is a normal thing that happens in the markets but it is getting more and more extreme. the more extreme it gets, the more it means waiting for one little thing to tip it over and things could go south pretty fast. like chris said, if the markets see that bernie is really taking a lead, that could be, for the democrats, that could be a thing that really frightens people. keep in mind. we already got companies are not spending anywhere near the amount of money they normally spend on investing in their future. one other thing to look at. everyone is talking about the really healthy employment market. job openings have fallen 11% over the past year. we haven't seen something like that, decline that severe since the financial crisis. looking forward, businesses are very concerned about the future. more indications that bernie could be in the lead, that would make them more concerned. that could make everything start falling down. neil: you know, chris on the
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technology side a lot of technology names that were beaten down or at least had a little bit of a hiccup to put it mildly, apple, amazon, microsoft, and host of others have come back. that is the wind at the markets back, for this president as well. he loves to tout the markets. certainly something i think lenore got absolutely right. he will do so again today. but at his state of the union audience, do you think the focus on jobs will deliver more of an impact? >> the problem with the economy, attaching yourself to the markets the way the president has, how fickle a mistress the economy is. it could take a downturn at any point because it is a confidence game but so far this looks like donald trump will have, from every indication i have, talking to senior administration officials, he is going to have a very positive outlook on the state of the union. i expect jobs like you talked about there, the blue-collar aspect previewed as well as foreign policy, real stressing
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on soleimani an some of the steps that president has taken to take out terrorist leaders across the planet. no impact on impeachment. not going to pay attention to that until after it is over tomorrow. i expect a very positive presidential speech like we saw with his inauguration, like we saw with everyone of his state of the unions since. neil: the inauguration one was a little dark. >> it was a little dark. neil: we'll see what happens. thank you very, very much, guys, appreciate it. at corner of wall and broad we're up almost 500 point. a lot has to do with china stablizing the fact that it is moving heaven and earth to stablize its markets and flooding the system whatever is necessary to support itself through the whole coronavirus thing. the coronavirus situation has not gone away. the impact is there for big u.s. manufacturers including apple, a possible iphone shortage pause of the virus. we're on that after this.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ neil: the coronavirus is spreading rapidly despite what markets are telling you. hong kong reported its first death and flight cancellations mounting. this is not going away, if anything compounding themselves as this tragedy continues to unfold. grady trimble with the latest. reporter: neil, the cdc expects number of cases in the u.s. to grow but right now there are 11 cases. in china, more than confirmed cases more than 20,000 of them. that death in hong kong, that is the only second death outside of main lan china. in macau, gambling capital of the world, they're closing all
12:16 pm
their casinos for two weeks as they battle the virus. china says it will have minimal impact on economy and but now there are concerns about the fact that china promised to in the trade deal with the united states, to buy more farm goods. >> the trade deal, export boom from the trade deal will take longer from the chinese virus. that is true. >> i really don't know. i hope the phase one deal which we tried very hard to get there will not be affected. reporter: counsel general says they have to take a wait-and-see approach. i want to draw attention to the cruise lines here. they are banning passengers who have been recently been in china. some are canceling cruises out of china. royal caribbean expects the virus to affect revenue in the china at least for the short term. brewer carlsberg, warned early that the coronavirus would hit sales because restaurants and
12:17 pm
bars are closed. it is bad timing, carlsberg just announced it grew sales in china by 19% last year. on to the iphone. you might not get it when you ordered it. not because the phones are made in the wuhan area. it is because they are shipped out of that area. even though they're manufactured somewhere else, they might not get ought of china because they're shipped out of the epicenter of the outbreak. neil? neil: thank you very much, my friend grady trimble on all of that. the financial fallout with brandywine portfolio manager jack mcintyre. jack, apple issues notwithstanding, the markets seem to be stablizing on this with the feeling that china has sort of got their own markets back. they are providing liquidity and any and all help to build hospitals in rapid fashion. that has the dow up 500 points. 400 points away from revisiting the record territory. s&p not that far. nasdaq already in record territory.
12:18 pm
what is re, what is going on today or what was happening last friday when everyone was selling? >> it is a great question, neil. i can't give you the exact answer. my highest conviction volatility will stick around. clearly markets, risk markets, equity markets in the u.s. priced in baseline scenario this will be manageable. might have duration of sort of a month. things will start to improve. we don't know. things are still very fluid at this point. but you know, clearly there is a key risk on attitude in the markets today. neil: you know, as an investor you really can't plan for these sort of black swan developments and all. but it is interesting to me, jack, we're kind of doing what we did on china trade in the prospects of a deal, or lack of a deal. trading on every nuance and every small bit of news. now we're applying the same to
12:19 pm
this virus. what do you think of that? >> yeah, so i just got out of our investment meeting. we spent 90 minutes discussing the coronavirus. a month ago it was u.s. china trade. so i do agree, i think it is a type of environment where as investors we have to make assumptions. so going back to your original question, you can make the assumption this will not be a big deal. obviously it is a bad situation. it will not deteriorate, you can pile into equities say it is fine. from a prudence standpoint i think you need to have defensive things in your asset allocation. have a skew towards things improving but, we just don't know how ultimately this will sort of play out. neil: we're still waiting for iowa results to come in one of these days, weeks, months. i'm curious from an investment perspective, i heard if it was a good night for bernie sanders, again delayed news on that. the markets will get worried about that, because he is not
12:20 pm
exactly their cup of tee. what do you make of that? >> this situation, because i think trump wants sanders to do well because trump wants to face sanders. neil: right. >> if it is trump-sanders, i say trump is going to win. actually indirectly u.s. economy. i don't think there is enough bernie sanders supporters to kind of offsetagain contingent . economy still doing well going into that sort of september, october, time period. neil: as you remind me. that is what decides these things. jack, always good chatting. thank you, my friend. >> my pleasure. neil: we are still waiting for those iowa results. we're told the democratic party officials are on the phone with all of the campaigns. i don't know one at a time or a group conference call here. right now we're trying to get understanding when those results are going to be announced. remember the longer the wait the more problematic not only it is
12:21 pm
for iowa but for those campaigns using new hampshire as a jumping ground or convenient place to forget anything that happened in iowa, after this. ♪ 1 in 3 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease. millions of patients are treated with statins-but up to 75% persistent cardiovascular risk still remains. many have turned to fish oil supplements. others, fenofibrates or niacin. but here's a number you should take to heart:
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neil: president second -- third state of the union address where he is will address the economy is good for everybody, not just the well to do. congressman mike kelly, what we might expect. doesn't look like congressman, always good to have you, that the president will even address what is going on the very next day in the senate with this impeachment vote. wise choice do you think? >> first of all, neil, thanks for having me on. think about this president, this is the day he announced he would run, people are attacking him at all levels, all day, every day. not only the president, first lady, the first family, the anybody the president had a
12:25 pm
relationship at the time he had with a child, business level, personal level this is president who is such a tough businessman, he doesn't let the things bother him. things have never been better than they are right now. i look what happened where i'm from, erie, pennsylvania, 2009, 2010, about 8 1/2% unemployment. now it is 4 1/2%. that is a huge gain. we have more people working today. the labor workforce is better than it has ever been. we have more people going to work every day so they can take care of their families. making sure they're preparing for future. it is a really strong, strong economy. it made us the envy of the world again. we're no longer leading from behind. i have no idea what the heck that meant. we're now leading from position of strength. the world looks at us. they know we can count on america. america is a place where everyone wants to participate. it is an exciting time for us. neil: congressman, how does it look for the president in your state a crucial state he won
12:26 pm
where people didn't think he had a chance? how do you think it is looking now? >> look, neil, i'm irish catholic. there was never kelly that wore a white shirt to work until my dad after thecollar workers, i'm talking about the actual workers this, president has a strong appeal to them. he says what he is going to do. then he does it. he keeps his word. they look at him, that is the type of person we want. where i am from he is very, very strong. i would be hate to running against him where i'm from. i am running with him. i will support him every step of the way, by the time he came down the stairs said he was going to run, this is our guy. i don't want anymore politicians running our country. i want to see business people who understand how to compete running it. he is just strong. neil, he is so strong in western pennsylvania. neil: western pennsylvania is one thing. the entire state, how is it? battleground polls, you remind me, congressman, are pretty unreliable obviously they got it wrong last time but they show
12:27 pm
quite a teeth race, not only michigan, wisconsin, some others, does that concern you given all this economic strength? you would think the president would be off to the races? >> you know what, neil, polls are taken of likely voters. in the last election a lot of people voted for first time in their life, all of sudden they saw someone believed in, not a politician, said what they wanted to hear. hasn't done that. likely voters are polled. those voted first time have not been polled. someone registered to vote for donald trump i'm not going to vote for him this time because he didn't say he was going to do? i think he is much stronger in polls than they indicate. some pockets of pennsylvania, for whatever reason, they can't look at the president, say this is president i can vote for. i will take 45 over anybody that served in my history and my lifetime say this is a person that has been taking us to the limit and taking us to a position where once again the
12:28 pm
world knows america is back. america has got your back. neil: i'll put you down as a maybe for the president. >> no, no. neil: i'm kidding, i'm kidding. thank you, sir, very much. very good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. neil: we're still waiting to find out what the heck happened in iowa. if and when we will get results for the state. ellison barber in des moines with the very latest. reporter: neil, i'm hearing from sources that call is underway. we could have more guidance any minute when we and the campaigns might get information on the majority of precincts. stay with us. hopefully we'll have more for you right after this.
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>> because we don't get to have a party tonight knowing what happened. >> i would think there would be some sort of plan b. i don't know. i'm disappointed. >> this is not the way we should do this. it was a complete mess. it is not reliable the way it should be reliable when we were starting off the process. [inaudible]. neil: there is still a lot of confusion, a lot of anger but majority of iowa caucus results are said to be released at 5:00 p.m. eastern time, 4:00 p.m. iowa time as the state's democratic party talks with campaigns about a specific timeline. he will lesson barber has the latest what we can expect.
12:33 pm
ellison? reporter: hey, neil. yeah this call that is, as far as i know still underway right now is the third phone call to take place between the iowa democratic party and campaign since all of this delayed reporting started to come to people's attention. as you said, sources are telling us, a number of sources have confirmed that the results for the majority of the precinct according to what iowa democratic party has told the campaigns will come out at 4:00 p.m. central time. that is 5:00 p.m. eastern time. again we don't expect to get necessarily all of them but they say the majority of precinct they will have those results available at 4:00 p.m. local. a new reporting app is said to be the cause of all of this chaos. and according to the state party chair, there were some coding issues with that app. the statement the party chair said this, quote, while the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only portion data. this issue was identified and fixed. this did not impact the ability
12:34 pm
of precinct chairs to report data accurately because of the required paper documentation. we have been able to verify that the data recorded in the app, used to calculate state delegate equivalents is valid and accurate. the party is adamant theirism ises are secure and did not suffer any cybersecurity intrusion. they claim independent cybersecurity consultants tested the systems before all of that. the department of homeland security offered to test the new app but iowa democrats passed and declined that offer. the iowa democratic party made a handful of changes to the caucuses this year, aimed at increasing transparency after questions came up in 2016 when hillary clinton and bernie sanders were so close to each other. the sanders team asked back then for the raw vote count to be released. the iowa democratic party, they did not have that raw vote count. so this year they planned to release the raw vote totals as well as the state delegate
12:35 pm
equivalent, giving a total of three numbers release to the public versus in the past we only had one. one party chair suggested having to release all the numbers is perhaps part of the issue. some of the failures that happened here but seems like right now, neil, some effort that they had trying to make this process for trustworthy, more transparent led to bigger falls in this system. more people are coming out questioning whether or not this is the right way to move forward. we heard that before in 2012. republicans had issues as well. this seems to be the most significant issue to happen to date. a lot of people trying to make the process more open and transparent, hey, say maybe iowa shouldn't to first and move to a primary civil. neil: i understand what you said, ellison, when the data is released it will be all three pieces of data, first alignment, final alignment, state delegate equivalent, that all comes out
12:36 pm
at once? reporter: that's my understanding. initially they were hoping on caucus night, the initial plan was come out as the night progressed. there were concerns because of having this raw vote total you might have some people, different campaigns being able to claim that they technically won based on who physically had more people at the caucuses, right? if a candidate didn't have 15% of support in the precinct, those people would have a realign and separate. could you get maybe a couple different numbers. my understanding in terms of what will happen at 4:00 p.m. today, majority of precinct numbers will be reported. it will be all three of those numbers. the initial preference cards that people filled out when they walked in the room as well as numbers they had after the realignment, the final realignment. then the state delegate equivalent number. iowa has only 41 delegates to give in terms of needing to get enough delegates for the democratic party, you have to have 1991. so iowa has 41 of those.
12:37 pm
their process to giving those out is a little complicated but yeah, my understanding we'll get all three of those numbers, not all of the precincts, but the majority of them. neil: you touched on it ellison, appears unlikely to me, iowa will be the first-in-the-nation election grab? reporter: seems like there are pretty serious cracks in the foundation of this system here after what happened this cycle. you did have the situation where the republican party said mitt romney won. two weeks later, sorry, rick santorum won the iowa caucuses. all the issues last time with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. sanders camp said we're pretty sure we won the popular vote. the state saying we're not sure. we didn't keep track of that. people deciding things with a coin flip. we saw that happen this time. there has been a slow build to this moment. but what has happened here, that was an effort to fix all of that. not only did not work. it seemed like it made problems
12:38 pm
much more confusing, messy than they have been in the past. every campaign official staffer i spoken to, they are all so unbelievably frustrated. they keep saying the same thing. they think it is insane and it has been a mess. neil: probably two understatements there. ellison, great reporting as always. despite no results just yet, a lot of candidates are claimings, well a lot of victory ies in iowa. take take a itch a good feeling we'll do well in iowa. >> it is too close to call. i tell you what i do know. >> you won. >> our indication it will be close. we'll walk out of here with our share of delegates. >> by all indications we have going on to new hampshire victorious. [cheering] neil: all right. democracy for america chairman charles chamberlain joining us right you now. charles, i apologize. let me get your take how this
12:39 pm
all sorts out. regardless of who won, how it registers for those individual candidates, i imagine for iowa it is very likely it loses. however risks losing first-in-the-nation election status. what do you think? >> real fair possibility here. this is problem of caucuses. they're messy and they're easy to have props like this. look, i'm really glad that the iowa democratic party is taking the time to make sure that they get an accurate and real count. that is definitely more important than them being fast. but this is all so ridiculous. there is no reason why we shouldn't have been able to have numbers last night. we shouldn't have all numbers going into new hampshire and next step with momentum of a election victory. what we'll see here, this along with all other problems with iowa leading, one of the first places to vote, i think that changes to move ahead. at least i hope we do.
12:40 pm
neil: various candidates can claim that they had momentum, whether it is on first alignment, when it was a test of their support originally. the realignment when they had to scatter around, team up, what have you. finally delegate equivalents. could you have, albeit late, a number of winners moving on to new hampshire? >> yeah, you know i think that is possible. i think the key is what weigh saw last night incredible turnout for progressives. bernie sanders looks like he will come out well. we had incredible youth vote, 30% more than in 2016. that is levels similar to 2018. we know the youth vote was coming out for bernie sanders. so, i think that's a really good sign for him. we have to remember going into this caucus, elizabeth warren, in many polls was in fourth place. looking like she will come out much stronger than that from last night. so i think there is a lot of momentum moving into new hampshire especially for
12:41 pm
progressives. i'm excited to see what happens when we get the actual vote totals tonight. neil: we will see. charles chamberlain, thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. neil: elon musk is charging up more than just the cars. he is charging up his fortunes. at the way he is going, giving jeff bezos a run for his money. not literally but at least the pace he is. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,
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neil: this is getting crazy. tesla stoke soaring, $900 a share. elon musk getting richer faster than any other billionaire this year. than anyone this year. to hal lambert. hal, what do you think is going on here? is it justified? >> this decade is starting off
12:45 pm
as the elon musk decade. his net worth has gone up $16 billion year-to-date. by the way the shorts have lost $16 billion year-to-date. elon musk is laughing all the way to the bank but he is also happy because mainly the shorts are losing and he doesn't like to lose. elon musk is a winner. he is a killer from a business perspective. few groups he disliked more than the shorts that have been out there the last couple years. he is really liking that. what you will see here, the shorts are still out there. there is not technically a short squeeze happening here, neil. the borrow is out there. shares are available. they're not being squeezed out. they're just losing billions of dollars as the stock goes higher. neil: as it goes higher, a market cap north of ford and gm, you have got to wonder is it justified? it is momentum. no doubt about it but is it a little too crazy? i mean i talked to some investors, hey i'm getting in because this thing has you know, melt-up all over it?
12:46 pm
>> well, certainly does look like a melt-up. can the valuation be justified? you know, that is hard to say. look, this kind of blows up the markets are efficient theory, doesn't it? neil: it does. >> the people think the markets are efficient and you can't make money because it is efficient. the stock is up over 100% year-to-date. it has only one kind of earnings report. clearly there are inefficiencies going on here. i would not get in front of this. i would not short it. you have to be really ready to have a lot of pain if you do that. we talked about elon's wealth going up, there is aspects to his compensation, if this stock continues to go higher, it is aways away from where it is now, he could walk away with $50 billion in compensation if the stock does certain things. so, you know, elon musk this next decade is one to watch. he is the thomas edison of our
12:47 pm
generation. he is the cool guy in silicon valley. the other guys want to be like elon musk. jeff bezos is worth a lot more but he would love to be as cool as elon musk. neil: certainly at the pace he is going he could eclipse those guys if he maintains it. what happens then? it has got to slow down,doesn't it? >> you would think it would slow down. you can't compound at this for very long. could you have a pullback here, stall out, take a breath, look up at the end of next year still be, still be higher than we are today in the stock. valuation here is really tricky to call. people want to look at it from a valuation perspective but the tesla car is really good. it is a really good electric car. he is in china now. that is the car people want to buy. it is affordable for a lot of people. starting price point is now $35,000. that is affordable for a lot of people. it is a better product than the other electric cars out there. so, you know, where does this
12:48 pm
go? it could continue. neil: thank you, my friend. we'll watch it closely. >> thank you. neil: meantime big things are happening for football in los angeles, i mean really big things but they have got to move fast because they have a certain deadline. i will explain after this. ♪. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99.
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12:51 pm
neil: market rally continues right now. so does the big spending. los angeles rams and chargers will get a brand new football stadium in one of the biggest sports developments we have ever seen. there have been some big ones already. to robert gray with a sneak-peek. hey, robert. reporter: neil, that's right. l.a. hosted the very first super bowl but it hasn't been played in southern california
12:52 pm
since the rose bowl held super bowl xxvii in the early '90s. you know the first one where the dollars cowboys blew out the buffalo bills. that is set to change as the l.a. rams move into their glitzy new sofi stadium in nearby englewood. it is first indoor, outdoor venue. using a space age plastic roof with openings on the side to catch a breeze. it will have innovative record size scoreboard called oculus. sofi officials say the venue 85% complete. it will be surrounded by a massive complex built on 300-acres. >> the thing unique about the project is 300 acres. there is 6,000 seat performance venue. american air lines plaza, situated between those two venues. the rest of the development which is retail, residential, office space and over 25-acres of park. reporter: team venue officials say they are excited to move in
12:53 pm
for the first season but they're looking ahead to super bowl v 6 two years from now. when this complex will host the big game, and be at the center of the sports world. >> bringing the super bowl back here, the greatest event the nfl has back to los angeles for first time in 30 years really cements what an impact it will have on the city. it will be the largest sports tourism event since the 1984 olympics. reporter: reports put the cost of the stadium complex around $5 billion, financed entirely by private funds by the rams ownership. super bowl officials say they will be ready for taylor swift concert and preseason games for l.a. rams and chargers who will be a tenant in the venue. neil? neil: times awasting. that is very interesting. google's antitrust probe is going forward. susan li with the latest on that. reporter: they will meet with the doj counterparts this
12:54 pm
afternoon to share information about the respective antitrust probes of google. i tried to get in touch with state attorneys generals. some have not come menned or gotten back with me. some say this is the first step joining forces with the state ags and doj late in the 1990s, both of these two joined up to sue a company called microsoft. interesting development with google and antitrust chief here at the doj. his name is makan delrahim. he recused himself in this investigation because google used to be a client of his. he lobbied for google's acquisition in 2007 of doubleclick. doubleclick is a big part of google's advertising business. elizabeth warren also called in the past for makan delrahim to recuse himself. i spoke to ruth porat of google if fighting antitrust will increase microsoft's costs and google's costs in the future? operational excellence, investing to support all we're doing and work on privacy data
12:55 pm
and trust and safety will be something they will continue to do in the future as well. as you know we have alphabet down in this up market because they missed revenue, slowest revenue growth they have seen in five years. before the very first time breaking out search, youtube and also cloud revenues. now this is interesting because youtube had $15 billion in sales last year, which if it was a media company would be a goo equivalent of fox, abc, nbc revenues combined. however not good enough for a trillion dollar company. neil? neil: wow, amazing, neil, thank you very much. as you heard very much. president will give state of the union address to the nation tonight, one night before the senate votes whether to convict him. and throw him out. that doesn't look likely. will the president even refer to that impeachment vote the following day? after this. aa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
neil: 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we really mean it this time. that's the read from the iowa democratic party, saying it will have most of the results, didn't say exactly what was most or majority of the results, at that time from the caucuses yesterday that has thrown everyone into total confusion as to who came out of that state looking good and who did not. you can imagine there will be a lot of finger pointing back and forth. for iowa, maybe growing questions as to whether it will lose its first in the nation status in future quadrennial elections. meantime, the corner of wall and broad, we are seeing the big gain, having more to do with good economic numbers, good earnings and a feeling at least that the chinese are getting a handle on the coronavirus fear. that might be premature but it is what it is. the nasdaq en route to a record right now, if it hold where it is. the dow and s&p, not that far from records of their own, just
1:00 pm
about a third of a percent or more. anyway, we had the president set to tout all those accomplishments in that powerful backdrop in tonight's state of the union address. blake burman has more from the white house. reporter: when i walked into the white house earlier today, i spoke with a senior administration official, asked them how big of a portion of the president's speech tonight will focus on the economy and i was told that it will be quote unquote, significant, a significant portion on the economy that we will hear from the president tonight. the white house says the president will focus on the blue collar boom, as they describe it. i'm also told that school choice is going to be a focal point as well. we actually just got the guest list from the white house within the last handful of minutes. one of the president's guests will be a student who wanted to be a beneficiary of school choice but has not. the vice president, by the way, tomorrow, his first event after the state of the union address will focus on school choice. one of the questions going into this is how much the president may or may not talk about
1:01 pm
impeachment. the press secretary stephanie grisham this morning said she doesn't believe the president will be talking about yum peachmepeac impeachment. the white house chief of staff said a lot of that is essentially d.c. noise and the speech tonight will instead hit home on the economy. listen. >> so much of the inside the beltway media coverage has been focused on thisham investigation impeachment but tonight, he has an opportunity to say look, in the last three years, we've had a remarkable economic turnaround with seven million new jobs, lowest unemployment ever for african americans, for hispanic americans, for asian americans, for disabled americans. reporter: part of the message we will hear from the president tonight, but the democrats are also going to have their say and we are told that this will be part of their counter, as they will argue that farm bankruptcies across the country are increasing, that consumers and not china is paying the tariffs, that drug prices are increasing and that the president's signature tax cuts benefited the wealthy and corporations. the democratic governor of
1:02 pm
michigan, gretchen whitmer, will be delivering the democratic rebuttal after the president later this evening. when you think about michigan, democrats won that state in the presidential election six times in a row before president trump turned it red in 2016. neil? neil: amazing. blake, thank you very, very much. blake burman. by the way, special coverage of the president's state of the union address begins tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, we are all over that. meantime, candidates are moving from iowa right now on to new hampshire. but it's a tough road. >> by all indications, we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> you all know what happened out there in those precincts. you know that we have been punching way beyond our weight. >> we are going to walk out of here with our share of delegates. neil: everyone's a winner. fox news correspondent molly line is in manchester with the very very latest. molly?
1:03 pm
reporter: a new day, new hampshire now the center of the -- epicenter of the political universe, as they would say. lot of candidates heading this way despite the fact there's still attention there on iowa as people wait for the results to shake out and come in for the final results. we are just outside of an event for vice president biden. he is there speaking with folks here in nashua. early this morning we had a chance to catch up with mayor pete buttigieg. he has a full schedule. he arrived here after saying victorious, that was the word he used, last night, kicking off his first day at a coffee shop. buttigieg has a very aggressive schedule with multiple town halls. he also picked up the endorsement of the mayor of nashua, new hampshire's second largest city. the mayor expressed that given what happened in iowa, new hampshire's results may mean even more. but he predicted no problems here, even noting the results of
1:04 pm
his city could be even as early as 9:00 p.m. on election night. mayor pete noted positive feelings about the campaign's internal iowa results which showed a strong finish but he is looking forward. >> in our internal numbers that we've put out, we've seen across suburban, rural and urban a lot of strength. it's very encouraging. we know that new hampshire likes to make its own decisions. reporter: former vice president joe biden at his event right now. he has two get out the vote events today. in the wake of iowa, i had a chance to ask one of his advisers if new hampshire will have a greater impact. >> democratic nominee has been a person who has been able to amass a substantial amount of support from the african-american community. that doesn't happen in just iowa or new hampshire. we have to let this full process play out. neil: senator amy klobuchar also
1:05 pm
holding an event right now, three get out the vote events today. senator bernie sanders is holding a big rally tonight. he won new hampshire by a sizeable margin during the 2016 primary, beating secretary hillary clinton by 22 points and this is, of course, home turf of sorts for the senator who has long represented neighboring vermont. the latest polling released on sunday of likely new hampshire primary voters has sanders in first place at 31%. joe biden at 24%. elizabeth warren, 17%. pete buttigieg at 8%. notably absent from the trail in new hampshire, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg as well as tom steyer. tom steyer out in nevada. they are taking a different strategy here as we move forward. of course, we will have full coverage throughout the week and especially next tuesday when voters here in new hampshire head to the polls on february 11th. neil: thank you very much. we will be there as well with
1:06 pm
special coverage on fox business and fox news. in the meantime, the dow is back in positive territory for the year. we've got the nasdaq in record territory, the s&p flirting with record territory. to america rising pac director, also senior wealth adviser courtney dominguez and democratic strategist christi setzer. christi, let me begin with you on how this iowa thing impacts the candidates. say you are joe biden and there were reports you were sinking in the polls prior to the caucuses. you can dodge a bullet there because the results are late and you might be able to claim that maybe everything isn't on the up-and-up. what do you think? >> i think that's exactly right. maybe not claiming that everything is not on the up-and-up but if you are joe biden right now, you are the kid that didn't study for his test appear w and wow, there was a snow day. you are so lucky. you just got a break. neil: excellent analogy.
1:07 pm
very good. >> yeah. everyone else there has a pretty good story that potentially they could have told. they are the ones being denied that. if you are bernie sanders, you probably had an outright win, don't get to talk about that. if you are elizabeth warren, you probably did pretty well, maybe you are in second, maybe third. pete buttigieg. even amy klobuchar can ostensibly say she did better than expected. joe biden's really the only person coming out of there that would have nothing to say but well, we're still in this thing. he got really lucky last night. neil: you know, when we look at it, guys, i'm just curious how you think this plays. does iowa lose its impact now going forward, should it lose its impact for first in the nation status? what do you think? >> it's kind of interesting, we are seeing the markets are doing fantastic, regardless of we got no news on iowa. i think people are really focused on generally things are still doing really good. the economy is on good footing. neil: that's to the president's
1:08 pm
benefit, right? >> that's what his campaign is on. a lot of this, he will be able to tout that, definitely. neil: what if it looks like bernie sanders had a good night in iowa? there are many investors no fans of his and his tax plans, regardless of his political leanings, who might look at that and say wow, i should sell. conversely, in that same crowd, there are many who say well, he might get the nomination, he would never win a general election so we don't have anything to worry about. what do you think? >> sure. i actually think that's one of the reasons the markets are doing so well this morning, is because you did not have bernie sanders galluping out of iowa with some tremendous victory which would signal -- neil: what if he does gallup out but it's a day late? >> that's the problem, momentum is everything and it's stalled by this delay. but you have in the equity didddid -- democratic party, people who would fundamentally reshape the american economy so the fact they didn't get a runaway win last night, that's been the
1:09 pm
prevailing narrative today, keeps investors happy and i think it also seeks to, you know, to the organization of the president's team and to the republican party going into this thing whereas the democrats by contrast look like a mess at this early step. neil: it's interesting because to that point, they do look like a mess and they do look, not that it's the candidates' fault the state screwed it up, but you can look to the republicans who got their caucuses off just fine, albeit it was the president winning 97% of the vote, much smaller pool, but they can come back, we did this right. they can't get their act together. i've got this strong economy, something to crow about tonight, and now he's, you know, talking a 49% gallop approval rating, highest of his presidency, higher still for his handling of the economy. so he is in a pretty nice position, isn't he? >> sure, he is. look, he has something obvious to point to that looks like a mess on the democratic side right now so if he wants to
1:10 pm
throw arrows, he certainly can. there are genuinely obviously a lot of people out there who think that president trump is doing a good job on the economy. so of course he is in for right now, on that level, you know, a pretty good position. but let's not forget about impeachment which really just happened still, this week. we are still talking about impeachment. it's not like that's gone away. neil: you're right. >> so come on, obviously that's an enormous black cloud that's hanging over his head right now. neil: what i'm surprised about that, i didn't mean to jump on you, i apologize, what's surprising about that is the impeachment thing has not hurt his numbers. why is that? >> i think it's just another -- it's just more noise people are seeing. people really aren't going to see that it's actually going to come through. we have actually seen this before, this happened with clinton and the economy still was really strong under him and continued to be really strong after the impeachment. i think we do kind of have a
1:11 pm
precedent for that. i think that's really what people are in a way expecting to see. neil: what do you think? >> i think impeachment is one of the issues where it's baked into your opinion of president trump from the beginning. there are very few people out there who are on the fence about president trump. neil: you're right. i haven't seen people who have changed their mind. if they wanted to throw him out of office, they still do. others who wanted to say this was a waste of time, still think that way. >> but it's the same chaos and disorder that you are seeing come out of iowa. it's the same thing in washington. they can't count the votes in iowa, they can't get anything done in washington. neil: you know who's relieved? florida. >> right. neil: ladies, thank you all very, very much. by the way, we will be in new hampshire this weekend with special shows coming out of the granite state on monday as well on our weekend show on saturdays and on monday. all new hampshire, a crucial state now. they keep telling me they expect no voting tabulation issues.
1:12 pm
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tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. neil: all right. oil is very much in a bear market right now. in other words, down 20% from its highs. a lot of it over the course of the coronavirus fears that could lead to a global slowdown. to price futures group senior strategist phil flynn with the latest from the cme. phil, do you think this is overdone? what do you think? >> i think it is. that's what the market's trying to decide right now. in fact, earlier today, oil prices were trying to join in the risk-on rally with the stock markets bouncing back quite a bit and part of the reason they were bouncing back is they were
1:16 pm
expecting to hear news out of opec and russia today about a potential cut in production to offset the demand that's been lost. there's absolutely no doubt because of this virus, we have seen demand destruction of an incredible scale. the question is how much has it been and what is it going to be in the future. when are they going to meet that. right now, we don't know. we have got some news coming out of an opec conference today in vienna about a production cut. they have not settled on the size of a production cut just yet. they say it's too early. but they did say that they expected the demand destruction from this event to only be about 200,000 to 400,000 barrels a day, lower than some of the worst case estimates we have been hearing. so it's leading some traders to believe maybe they won't get as big a production cut as they had hoped. right now there are rumors floating around that opec is going to cut production anywhere
1:17 pm
from 800,000 barrels to one million barrels of production a day. if they do that, and their estimates are right, that's going to be a bigger production cut than the loss of demand. in effect, what we are hearing is that opec may want to shock and awe the market back to reality and say hey, this is overdone, the demand is going to come back when this virus is gone but right now they haven't been able to make that decision. tomorrow they will see if they can come up with a number and it should be leaking out because face it, opec leaks better than anybody. neil: certainly better than iowa. phil flynn, thank you very much, my friend. by the way, i just want to update you on something our blake burman has gotten an update on the president and what he plans to say in his state of the union address tonight. if you were expecting him to address the impeachment vote that will be going on in the senate the very next day, do not. the word impeachment, blake says, is not in the speech. having said that, though, the president could always ad-lib
1:18 pm
it. he's a pretty good ad-liber so he might be tempted but it's not in the speech itself. meanwhile, nevada trying to avoid any of the caucus confusion that iowa is dealing with right now. how it hopes to not do an iowa, after this. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic. nexthi. oh, susan what a surprise, you're here early! you know life line screening assesses your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. looks like somebody should have gotten screened.
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1:21 pm
cybersecurity agency has offered to test that app from a hacking perspective. they declined and so we are seeing a couple of issues with it. i would say right now we don't see any malicious cyberactivity going on. >> nobody hacked into it? >> no one hacked into it. this is more of a stress or load issue, as well as a reporting issue we are seeing in iowa. neil: that was the acting department of homeland security secretary on the voting app worries certainly in iowa as we are learning that nevada will not be using at least the same app, but i guess it could be using some sort of app. jackie deangelis is with us, did a stellar job last night with
1:22 pm
our coverage. fox news headlines 24/7 anchor brett larson. welcome to both of you. doesn't mean they won't use some technology, right? jackie: you need some sort of technology to streamline the process, right? the problem here is the big backfire situation that occurred last night. they wanted to make it more transparent, they wanted to make it more fair and now you've got a situation where we still don't have a result and joking that it's groundhog day, we keep saying we have nothing and at 4:00, whatever the result ends up being, all the candidates are probably going to challenge it or going to spin it some way and say that it wasn't accurate. so at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if the technology does really help here. neil: right. it's 4:00 iowa time. i'm beginning to wonder whether they rethink these technologies, because for a caucus, they are inherently problematic, right? >> if anything we should rethink the concept of a caucus. it seems convoluted and old school. neil: they have had no problems. iowa has had slow counting
1:23 pm
problems but this was supposed to address that. >> i think the acting director of homeland security made a very good point and i actually think that is what went wrong. they more than likely tested this app before they rolled it out, one would hope, any good app developer would want you to do that. the price that they paid for the app, that they are saying, they said they paid around $60,000 for web development and this app site, or the website and this app, that's not a lot of money. that's about what you would spend on a medium range app. something very simple, not like an uber which would cost if tn hundreds of thousands. i definitely think they didn't prepare for the fact that all of these precincts with all of this data would be transmitting all that information at exactly the same time. that's going to create a problem. neil: the other issue, you know this stuff better than i, but one of the things i heard was that you had to punch in a code. if you got the code wrong, like after three times, you do with your debit card and all, it shuts off. jackie: right. neil: not good. jackie: no. so there has to be a margin for
1:24 pm
human error, especially when we saw last night, when connell went to the gentlemen and they were writing notes on legal pads and the way this is being done, that people are going to make mistakes and you have to be able to account for that. had they had the phone systems working properly in terms of the backup, they might not have run into so much trouble and you need that when you are testing and rolling out a new technology. i will add this. the app developer, shadow inc., the ceo according to our friends at the "post" used to be a hillary clinton aide. i'm just saying. neil: what i wonder about with this, florida is delighted. they are like finally. but you know, it always seems like in every election or sometime during the primaries or caucuses or god forbid the general election itself, this stuff crops up. >> yeah. it's not like this was a surprise. like everybody woke up on monday morning and said oh, my gosh, we have a caucus today, we better get that app ready. they've had four years to prepare for this.
1:25 pm
neil: you think they're taking on too much? the goal was for transparency, right so you could see three different things simultaneously. the first vote, the second vote when people realigned and the delegate equivalent vote. maybe they just should have left it alone and not tried to be so cute. >> definitely. there was a lot of -- they were juggling a lot of balls and trying to contain it within the confines of one app. as you mentioned, i remember watching some of the coverage last night, you were all fantastic, the fact that you have people holding up different color pieces of paper in some gymnasiums, you have people with pads, people with ipads, that should have all gone away. they should have come in and said okay, here are ten ipads we are going to give you for the 10 or 11 candidates, however many there were, hand it out. there was a better way to do this and they didn't execute properly on the technology and the technology failed them because of their human errors. neil: if we had 5g, would this have happened? >> you know, that's actually a good question. if we find out in a week that
1:26 pm
this was a data bottleneck that just caused the issues, 5g would have addressed that. neil: huawei is the leader in that kind of stuff. >> they're not allowed to function here in the u.s. neil: can you imagine giving someone like huawei the ins and outs of our election? >> that's troubling, kind of like all the information some of the apps owned by china get about us. neil: i'm wondering, if we're making a concerted effort to get rid of huawei, having any influence or power or say or anything that could affect what we're doing on 5g, and they are the only game in town, the brits have been saying they are the only game in town, we are going to use them, where is this going? >> why do we have to fall behind on something like that? we put a man on the moon. we have a need for high tech manufacturing jobs in the u.s. we have a lot of smart people working at literally the biggest companies in the world. jackie: you have the white house and larry kudlow saying look, we are making an effort to work
1:27 pm
with some of the u.s. technology companies and potentially some companies abroad as well so we can own the 5g space. they do realize there's a security issue, how important that is. we have to see how quickly they can do it and how quickly they can develop it but the chinese have been a step ahead on this. >> it has been a bumpy road to 5g. we are two or three years into it -- neil: you said that last year. >> we are still falling far behind. they haven't completely figured out the technology. it's a little troubling that it's taking so long, especially since there was a great ad for it on the super bowl. but they need to pick up the pace a little or come up with a plan b and tell us all it's 5g. neil: or call it 6g. don't bother with it. waste of time. we moved on. all right. a lot more coming up. thank you, guys. the nasdaq is on pace for a record close. the dow and s&p, not too far from record territory. so what changed today? it might not be what you think. after this.
1:28 pm
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neil: how do you think it will go? do you know of any republicans who would vote to convict and do you know of any democrats who would not? >> i don't think there will be any republicans voting to convict, as there were no republicans voting to impeach. if there's ever been a game where we knew the end result, a foregone conclusion, this is it. i mean, it's been that way since
1:32 pm
the very beginning and the democrats plowed on and i think they plowed on because they wanted to try to damage him in the election. neil: all right. well, the president, we are told, in the state of the union address, will not address impeachment. it's not in the speech itself. of course, he could always ad-lib something. the fact of the matter, it's going to be a little weird because a little more than 18 hours after the speech, the big vote on capitol hill whether to vote to convict or not. now it looks like not, but let's get the read from chad per tl gram and the fast-moving developments. hey, chad. reporter: good afternoon. this is only the second time that the president's state of the union speech has come in the middle of an impeachment trial. this mirrors what happened in 1999. as you say, they are going to continue debating these articles of impeachment, these charges today and tomorrow in the senate, hurtling toward that 4:00 p.m. eastern vote on both articles of impeachment. the verdict's guilty or not guilty. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell indicated this morning that it was time to reject the house.
1:33 pm
>> we must vote to reject the house abuse of power. vote to protect our institutions. i want every one of our colleagues to cast a vote the facts, the evidence, the constitution, the common good clearly require. vote to acquit the president of these charges. reporter: lisa murkowski announced yesterday she would vote to acquit. two republican senators who could vote to convict president trump, susan collins of maine and mitt romney of utah. democratic west virginia senator joe manchin did not announce his position on impeachment yesterday, but instead manchin suggested an alternative, censure. >> censure would allow this party to unite across party lines. and to formally denounce the president's actions and hold him accountable. his behavior cannot go unchecked by the senate and censure would allow a bipartisan statement condemning his unacceptable
1:34 pm
behavior in the strongest terms. reporter: there doesn't seem to be an appetite for censure. a lot of senators are just learning about this for the first time. we should note it's not formally mentioned in the constitution, compared to impeachment and removal by a senate trial. censure is a formal form of discipline in the house of representatives, however. we should watch how that vote goes tomorrow. nobody thinks they are going to get 67 votes to remove the president of the united states, but let's look back to president clinton's impeachment trial in 1999, on one article of impeachment there were 45yeas to remove and on the second, 50 yeas. neil: could we see any democrat vote not to convict? reporter: that's possible. that's why you would look at someone like manchin. i spoke with him before he went up to the senate floor yesterday and he said if you listen to my speech, maybe you will get a sense of how i'm going to vote and he threw this censure wild card in there. i would also look at doug jones, democrat of alabama.
1:35 pm
he faces a very competitive re-election this year. and kirsten sinema from arizona, who sometimes votes with republicans. neil: thank you, my friend. always enjoy and always learn something. chad pergram following this very very closely. the president is expected to tout the economy and the market improvement in his state of the union address but not just those developments. the foreign policy front as well. former president bush 43 assistant secretary of state robert charles on that. secretary, always good having you. where and what will he focus on on the foreign policy front? >> i think we are going to see a real study in contrasts. he's riding the crest of a wave right now. he's got the china accord, the phase one with 200 billion more coming to the united states. he's obviously got a middle east peace plan on the table. he's got the usmca which is obviously north america rebalanced. i think what you are going to see is mostly a focus on the economy but on the foreign policy side, i think he's got a lot to talk about. the end of isis, baghdadi,
1:36 pm
suleimani, keeping north korea in its box. at the end of the day, i think you see in this president someone who clearly understands the linkage between foreign policy and domestic policy. he's reexamined all of our relationships methodically, consistently, from the beginning. he's turned a lot of them into bilateral accords. he's rethought how nato ought to pony up and he's creating a situation in which people are being held accountable. he's asking that the rules, whether it's in wto or nato, be followed. i think he didn't lose any time coming in. this is the third year but at the end of the day, i will tell you i think he's got a lot to coo about. on the other hand, i also think he will probably focus most on the economy and the foreign policy accomplishments that create a safer, more secure and stronger u.s. economy. neil: you know, secretary, you reminded me, a strong economy is something that is in our own national security interests. we are the envy of the world on that front. he will no doubt be touting that.
1:37 pm
but the backdrop of an impeachment vote the very next day, not that it's expected to go anywhere and convict the president, but it is weird, you know? >> well, it is a little odd. i will tell you the whole process has been odd. as an attorney, i think due process is sort of missing and unfairness has been, you know, pretty obvious. i think the president will ignore it. i think he's going to do what he's always been doing which is to essentially serve the american people with the fulfillment of promises he ran on in 2016. i see, you know, i see a mention of foreign policy but my guess is he's going to really bear down on the economy. neil: we will watch closely. thank you for taking the time. you know, when the market is racing forward, they call it a melt-up. what do you call it when an individual stock is doing that? volcano up or whatever? tesla would seem to fit that bill. after this.
1:38 pm
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
neil: i don't know if this is
1:41 pm
crazy or just, you know, coming attractions. tesla shares hitting yet another all-time high today. kristina partsinevelos following it all from the new york stock exchange. reporter: you were guessing what kind of word to use for tesla, volcano melt-up. i heard one calling it bitcoin on wheels. we are seeing this stock just race forward. yesterday it was up 20%, today we are heading in that direction, up 18%. however, we have all these bullish analysts. one analyst sent this note from new street research, actually downgrading tesla and quote, they are saying there's limited sources of further appreciation in the next 12 months so they are a little more negative with an $800 price target. everybody's trying to get in on this. let's move on to disney because their earnings are going to be released soon. we are expecting some positive reaction there. you can see the stock is up ever so slightly. we are expecting revenue to climb above 35% at $20.7 billion. also, the big important thing is the disney plus streaming
1:42 pm
numbers. this will be the first time we are releasing those numbers. then there's another story that came out with disney. they bought the worldwide rights to hamilton, the musical, that you are seeing on the screen right now. it's going to be a movie with the original cast, but the reason why this is a big story is how much disney reportedly paid. they reportedly paid $75 million to broadcast this movie going forward in october of next -- of 2021. you have, last but not least, can't call it weight watchers. ww international because it's been rebranded. goldman sachs raised the price target from $26 to $48 because they believe there's going to be an increase in subscriber growth. why is that? because of aggressive social media and tv campaigns and the power of oprah winfrey. she has the oprah vision 2020 tour and they believe that a lot more subscribers will be joining because of her. she still has the magical touch. neil: she does indeed.
1:43 pm
thank you, very, very much. i want to go to charles payne on this tesla thing, if you will indulge me a little. it is remarkable. i'm wondering whether it is frothy, whether it's related froth, justified froth. man, oh, man, this thing is on fire. charles: it's beyond mind-boggling. i just don't even know what to say, to be quite honest with you. but it is remarkable to see wall street come around for the most part. you got a whole lot of folks, you know, not the smaller independent, you know, fringe firms but more and more large firms that are saying okay, there's something there. of course, every day you get a higher target on the stock. we are way beyond this being your typical short squeeze although that played a big role in sparking this move. people are saying there's going to be amazing things that are going to happen and there's always been a cult following and cult excitement about this, but now there's a sense that overnight, panasonic in asia
1:44 pm
reported profits in part because of their relationship with tesla. you have glencore, that stock is up big to provide cobalt for tesla. it's more than a car company. it encapsulates all these things elon musk said he was going to do and now more and more people believe it's going to happen. neil: as an investor, you are a very good one, how do you gauge something that might seem like a rational valuation by the typical multiples we use or whatever versus something that has unique set of circumstances and promise, and you really kind of are rolling the dice when it comes to something like that, but how do you play it? charles: just a minute ago i got an e-mail shared by tesla from a subscriber. i didn't get a chance to e-mail back. neil: that was from me. charles: you know, i don't think you can. i really think that you really have to make a whole lot of assumptions about a whole lot of things. listen, ten years from now this could be the equivalent of
1:45 pm
$7,000 a share but to think it won't be a rocky road between now and then is a mistake. i just think if you missed it, you know, the idea of chasing right here is going to be tough. there's going to be a session where the stock is down 200 points and you know, anyone who chased this and doesn't have the wherewithal to hold it and ride it out because any stock that can go up 150 points in a session, 300 points in a week, can also do the exact opposite. neil: is iowa affecting any of the market performance today? charles: i got up at 3:00 this morning and the first two things i saw was the dow was up 300 and there was no answer from iowa. i do believe the markets really want president trump to be re-elected. so it's not necessarily a bridge too far, but you can't connect, taps one of the dots i think that's helping that. that is such a catastrophe, such an abysmal, you know, over the weekend they changed the rules, ostensibly maybe to block bernie sanders, at least that's the way
1:46 pm
it feels, from someone like me, i'm a registered independent. i get to look at both parties with a real critical eye. the way they changed the rules without a peep to maybe get bloomberg in after of course, the same rules pushed kamala harris out, pushed cory booker out. it feels like the democratic party, the elites there, it's like they don't want bernie to win this thing. all it's going to do is create a schism that's going to crack this thing, that's going to fracture it. we talked to bernie bros who didn't show up last time, a lot of them voted for trump. can you imagine this time if the same thing happens? neil: you're right. by the way, we should preface this, much like the market wanting bill clinton to stay in office, these guys get over the red and blue thing and much prefer the green thing. they made a lot of money under bill clinton and a lot of money under this president. they don't want that disrupted. charles: there are some folks out there that only see green. neil: i think one of them is you. thank you, my friend. you're the best.
1:47 pm
see you in about 13 minutes. he gets it and gets the big picture just right. meanwhile, iowa is now officially making florida very happy. that whole 2,000 chad fiasco, floridians are saying my good man, i toss to you. your mom just texted. she is on her way to our house. what? i got it. alexa, start roomba. the lexus es. eagerly prepared for the unexpected. lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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1:51 pm
for now, each one is playing this to their advantage. they all spoke, even when they didn't know the results. the implications of all of this in iowa by another couple hours, we will have an idea of most of the results. but again, there are a lot of people sort of plotting lawsuits and challenges and you know how that goes. enter judge napolitano. it's going to be litigation, isn't it? >> i would think so. someone either improperly designed this app or improperly manufactured it or improperly installed or improperly tested it. there was a breakdown somewhere along the line. we know that the iowa democratic party -- i'm laughing -- offered to have it tested by president trump's department of homeland security. they said it wouldn't be a political test, it would just be their technical people testing it. they said no. we don't know what kind of test it went through. your comments at the end of the last segment that this takes the
1:52 pm
bad memories of florida away, this is almost worse than florida. neil: i think it's much worse. >> becau new, it was intended ever to prevent something like florida from happening again. neil: let me ask you a question. this is hypothetical so indulge me. it's a good night for bernie sanders, but he doesn't get the sort of wind at his back effect halo he would typically get with the results that night, if they don't come in for another day or two, or the magnitude of a potential bernie victory has been shown. could he or his people go back to iowa, just we're going to sue you for this? >> i doubt it. it would be very very difficult to prove. again, just using this hypothetical, that bernie, who really won iowa, didn't get the momentum in time to win new hampshire. that would be very difficult for a judge or a jury to find. look, iowa is strange. ron paul told stuart varney this
1:53 pm
morning, i remembered it when he said it, when he ran in 2012 against mitt romney, romney soundly defeated him in the popular vote in the caucuses. he got 80% of the delegates. ron paul did. it's not a system where the votes correlate mathematically, the voters' wishes correlate mathematically to the number of delegates. there's some mystique in there that unless you are born in iowa, you really don't understand. but what happened last night is humiliating and apparently similar software is ready to go in nevada. neil: nevada says it's not going to have the same problems. i don't know whether that means the exact same software or contrary version is being used. you mentioned the 2012 race. i can remember that one because rick santorum technically won iowa. but he didn't get the benefit that at the time, that romney did. that's why i was harkening back to the sanders camp analogy that this is robbing us of precious fuel. >> i know that that is their
1:54 pm
plan, that whoever truly won last night hoped to be crowing about it this morning, hoping to take that momentum because new hampshire primary is a week from today. not going to happen. they're not even going to know who won until sundown in new hampshire tonight. neil: let me ask you about what this says about the race itself. the political view is that the democrats are a mess, they can't get their act together. the president was saying as much late last night, tweeting about it. does this foster a concern about the reliability of elections going forward? in other words, are we replanting 2,000 seeds again? >> this is the first time i know of that an election was recorded by distributing apps to the registers in the precinct chairpeople. whether or not we will do that again, i don't know. you don't think they are go back to old-fashioned paper ballots. guess what, paper ballots have a paper trail and you can count it -- neil: that's exactly it. say what you will of it, but if
1:55 pm
you are concerned something might have been rigged or a foreign entity was trying to affect the election, paper ballots as a backup do serve a good purpose. >> it appears, i wasn't on the phone call but some of our colleagues were, that there was no hacking, that this is an internal defect. it wasn't anybody's chicanery trying to change the outcome. neil: let's say you didn't have a great night, you are joe biden, you can make claims that there's nothing reliable here. >> right. right. i really won. is uncle joe going to say that tonight? neil: no upside there. you think the president will mention impeachment tonight in his state of the union? >> knowing the president, i think he will find that a temptation too delicious to resist. he's going to be two feet in front of mrs. pelosi's nose staring the democrats in the face. how could he resist it? neil: what if he turned around to her and did like --
1:56 pm
>> will they make eye contact. neil: all that body language stuff. thank you, my friend. you're the best. genius. by the way, earnings reports are going to be coming fast and furious. you got ford, disney, snap, all reporting after the bell. earnings have been very strong, my friends. in fact, 7 out of 10 of them handily beating estimates and their guidance is very good. but grain of salt is in order here. these guys are like i used to be with my grades. bs and cs, my parents thought i was a genius. i wasn't but i knew how to play the game. after this. . . (soft music)
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2:00 pm
possibilities. charles payne is here to take you through the next hour. charles: thank you, neil. breaking at this state of the union, versus state of chaos. no results from last night's iowa caucus at least for the democrats with all of the candidates claiming some sort of victory. the true winner may be president trump, whose approval rating is ahead of tonight's state of the union address. state of the markets today are strong. we are nursing a another big rally on wall street. we'll cover that and so much more on "making money". ♪ charles: stocks surging enough for the second straight day as the world begins to take a more rational look at the coronavirus of the


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